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Barbarian Rugby Jerseys

Classic Hoop Rugby's - Heavy Weight
Our most popular stripe pattern is based on the original rugby shirt designs of the late 1800's with large bold 4 inch stripes

Casual Rugby's - Lighter Weight
Our lighter-weight cotton shirts make it easy to wear long sleeves in the summer and create a comfortable layered look year-round

Collegiate Stripes
Often referred to as The Rugby Stripe, this traditional design allows teams to incorporate their third team color

Soho Stripes
Soho is characterized by a bold tri-color horizontal stripe pattern

Acadia Stripe Rugby's
New for this year, the Acadia design was inspired by the traditional Collegiate jersey with smaller profile stripes for a more subtle retro look

Niagara Rugby's
Newest design is an evolution of our original Berkeley but now with thinner stripes

Solid Colors
This traditional design features a single color which is perfect for embellishments and for the understated casual and sporty appearance

Ladies Rugby's
this 'made for women' jersey is specifically tailored for a petite female physique

World Rugby Collection
Show your patriotism with these exclusive matching themed jerseys and rugby hoodies, embellished with the national flags of the leading rugby nations

Rugby Hoodies
The Rugby Hoodie is loose fitting and a casual alternative to the classic rugby style jersey.

What University bookstore would be complete without the classic lettermen Cardigan?

The Worlds top performance rugby jersey